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LLAP Money Clip Limited Edition for Star Trek's 50th Anniversary
LLAP Money Clip Limited Edition for Star Trek's 50th Anniversary

"The Vulcan" LLAP Money Clip - *Limited Edition* for Star Trek's 50th Anniversary

$ 26.00

For Star Trek's 50th Anniversary, my grandfather and I wanted to offer a special, limited edition item for his loving fans. We put our heads together and designed these fascinating money clips. We had 60 prototypes made. Unfortunately, my grandfather never got to see them.
It has taken me some time to revisit the money clips, and since I do not plan on making more of them, I would like to offer them to you. A portion of the sales will go towards COPD Research at UCLA.
I felt that today, September 8th 2016, was the perfect day to make these available. On this day, Star Trek aired their first episode in the US. This was also the day that my grandfather, grandmother, mom and uncle first watched Spock appear on television, a night they would never forget.
My grandfather literally counted the weeks and months until this day. He was so excited and could not wait to share this special celebration with everyone.
This money clip is dedicated to my grandfather, Leonard Nimoy.


      • Front: Soft enamel-filled image of our exclusive design of Spock's half face
      • Back: LLAP is laser engraved
      • Made of stainless iron
      • Approximately 2" x 1"
      • Only 60 available for sale
      • Comes in a gift box, numbered.
      • Please note that these are prototypes. Very few of them have small flaws (i.e. scratches) but nevertheless special and rare.


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